The Czech Lands' Topography, Nature & Climate

The whole country is more or less green and hilly. The border to Germany and Austria and also partially to →Poland is marked by characteristic mountain ranges, as there are the Šumava (aka Bavarian Forest) range in the Southwest, the Krušné Hory (Ore Mountains) in the Northwest and the Krkonoše (Giant mountains). The western part of the country, called Bohemia, mostly consists of gentle hills. The eastern part Moravia is covered by higher hills and mountains. Czech's highest mountain is the 1,602 m Sněžka (Snow mountain) in the middle of the Giant mountains.

Because of the topography, there's no river flowing into the territory of the Czech Republic - all rivers drain the area. Among them, the Labe (the name is changing into 'Elbe' in Germany), the famous Vltava (Moldau) and the Morava should be mentioned. The mountainous areas are mostly covered by trees, but there's a serious problem with dying forests. The hilly inner part of the country consists of arable land and some forests. Almost one third of the country is covered by forests.




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