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  • www.fbihvlada.gov.ba: Official website of the BiH government. Serbo-Croatian and English.
  • www.vladars.net Official website of the government of the Republika Srpska. English version available.
  • www.zbh.com.ba Bosnia's railway company 'ŽBH'. Includes a map of all connections. Site is still poor. Bosnian only.
  • www.spin.si/robertb/sarajevo Private photo collection from Bosnia. Unfortunately without explanations, but the pictures are beautiful.
  • www.bhtourism.ba Official website of Bosnia's tourist agency. The German text on 'extreme sports' goes like this: "In a land, where nature reigns supreme...one cannot be anything else then extreme. If you'd thought that the war was crazy, then wait until you were at Mt...." (sic). Ouch!

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